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Service List

Computer Network Systems and Support offers Network setups, updates, systems analysis to Commercial and Business customers. Providing honest reliable answers to computer and network questions

Network Support & Systems Analysis

Computer Network Systems & Supports offers custom built computers to fit every need. From Fileservers and Business client desktops, to CADD workstations etc. We do our best to see that you get the proper system for the job. Doing our best to see that you do not spend any more than necessary but also that you get what you need and upgrade when appropriate.

New Computer Systems

Computer repairs and updates, our staff is the most qualified around to diagnose and fix problems. We understand that being without your computer can cost you money, and do our best to take care of the problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible, with minimal down time and maximum service.

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

At Computers Network Systems and Support we focus on Business clients, and offer Service contracts that offer a lot of peace of mind to those businesses. The service contract has a set cost per year, with that the business gets all labor within reason at no cost, answers to day to day questions as well as long term answers and advice.

Service Contracts


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